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Kancho Matsui was born in 1963, and commenced his illustrious karate career at the age of 13.

He quickly established a firm reputation for being a karate man of exceptional skill and ability, with a highly individual, technically superior style of fighting.  He took the basics he learnt in the dojo, and through intense and dedicated training, he made these techniques work for him.  Students around the world continue to try and capture some of the essence of Kancho's style of fighting in their own training.

His exceptional tournament record, over three successive years in particular, led Sosai Oyama to call him "a true champion": in 1985, at hte age of 22, he won the 12th All Japan Open Tournament; in 1986, he won the 13th All Japan Open Tournament and in 1987, he won the 4th World Open Tournament.  Additionally, in 1986 he succeeded in the 100 man kumite, achiving the highest rate of knockdowns and wins even in the ultimate challenge, which only a select few have managed to complete.

Ultimately, the stature of the man is confirmed in his designation as Sosai Mas Oyama's successor in Sosai's last will, and he now heads arguably the largest karate organisation in the world.  We are proud to have a Kancho who combines a deep belief in the philosophy of Kyokushin Karate with sound business and administrative skills.

Kancho Shokei Matsui - Nuwe leier van Kyokushinkaikan Karate